Client Testimonials

ACIC is one of the most awarded and trusted education & migration agents in Australia. The professional and high quality services have been spoken highly of among international students and are always the recommendation of choice to peers and friends.


What Our Students Say

The consultants at ACIC are very dedicated to helping me apply for Australian universities. And they also gave me a lot of help in life. All the best wishes to ACIC.


Excellent consultants with wonderful services!


Good communication and services! Many thanks!


Best service from the entire team. They always timely answer my millions of questions. Thank you all, sincerely!!


The staff in this institution is very nice! Once I have any question, they would always respond as detailed as they can, with patience. Appreciate their valuable service! Thanks a lot.


Highly efficient! Very nice staff and best application results!! Thanks a lot!


The visa service is quick and professional. Really good experience at ACIC Melbourne.


ACIC is a very professional organisation that helped me submit my RMIT course application. Patient consultant Martin filled out all the information immediately, and gave me very reliable advice when choosing the major. Thank ACIC for being a trusted agent.


Really thank ACIC for their professional service of applying for postgraduate studies. It was a wonderful experience. Appreciate the experienced and patient staff who helped me a lot.


The staff at ACIC are nice, helpful and they always answer all of my questions patiently, which helps me a lot when applying for schools and renewing visas. Martin is really a professional and nice consultant. With his help, I successfully got the offer and I am now studying at UniMelb. Thank you, ACIC.


ACIC is highly supportive and professional! Martin’s expertise and enthusiasm went a long way in making my application smooth. Thank you, Martin. I would recommend ACIC to anyone trying to get an education provider of their choice.


I applied for a postgraduate course at the University of Sydney through ACIC. The staff who served me at that time was Martin. He is really a reliable and patient consultant. He will not only help you with your application, but he will also contact you and care about your university life. This is a highly recommended education agent.


The advisor Martin is so nice and responsible. I am so grateful and he helped me a lot. ACIC is really a great and awesome organization. It’s awesome!!!


Excellent service and highly recommend! The staff who served me was Martin and he was always very patient when I asked questions. Also, they are highly efficient.


As a student, I really trust ACIC, as it provides extremely satisfactory services and really cares for students. It has been very helpful to me with all the issues I encountered in Melbourne.


Best institution that offers professional services and that can achieve literally everything for you, such as applying for courses and helping you get certifications.


Prompt reply for all of my requests, and really good services from their knowledgeable team. Highly recommend.


Five star services! Especially for Martin, a very responsible and patient consultant who helped me successfully apply for master degree! Thank you so much.


Excellent service. Consultants are really attentive and patient. Great for new comers and people seeking for more information.


Wonderful experience! Staff here are professional and nice! Highly recommend ACIC!


Highly recommend! Good location and professional services, our trustworthy friend.


ACIC is a great study abroad agency!! All the staff is professional and friendly!! If you have any questions about applying for universities, they should be your first choice!!


Very kind, helpful staff and good, professional services. Highly recommended!


Efficient and friendly agent! They helped me a lot to get the offer from the University of Melbourne. ACIC is a very responsible agent!


ACIC provides excellent services for international students, for almost everything. Thanks for helping me extend the student visa, arrange medical examination, and apply for postgraduate courses. All are successful! Thanks so much to Martin.


They are the best educational agent in Melbourne. If you want to apply for your dream University, you should definitely go there and seek advices from them. I was studying accounting back then and was considering applying for a Master degree. ACIC’s consultant Mr Chow gave me several options, and I finally got my dream offer from UNSW 😉 They also helped me to save application fees, because they have strong connections with those top universities. Mr Chow also provided me with valuable advice when I was confused about my future. And now I know what I want to do. ACIC is really a great agent, they do not ask you for service fees, but they provide great and professional services and propose the best options to you. They also have lots of other services, if you need any help, you should get in touch with them.


High efficiency, good quality of services, and they treat customers very kindly. Strongly recommend ACIC to everyone!


Really appreciate the whole ACIC team and particularly thankful to consultant Martin who is very patient and kind to international students. I changed my mind many times through the whole application process, but he was always patient and responsive! Highly recommended!


Experienced staff and efficient educational services. They also offer discount flight tickets and great day tours around Melbourne. Highly recommend ACIC to new students in Australia.


Highly recommend ACIC if you are considering applying for universities. My consultant Mr. Chow is really helpful in giving me valuable advice. Mr. Chow responded to all of my questions nicely and quickly.


This agency provides high quality service with experienced staff offering you helpful and practical suggestions on overseas study and immigration. Highly recommend you choose ACIC.


Wonderful experience here! Very reliable team with professional consultants who provide you with best plans based on your background and requests.


ACIC’s consultants are highly professional, responsible and patient. They work closely with Australian universities to get application fees waived and any problems solved. Thanks to ACIC, I was successfully admitted to my dream university!


It is a really great place with wonderful service and excellent Consultants! It helps me a lot. They always put students’ needs in the first place. Really recommend ACIC and appreciate all they have done for me.


ACIC is a great institution for student course application. And the staff here are very friendly and professional, they also work efficiently and effectively! I am very grateful for ACIC’s help.


Great agency. It was a positive experience using their services. Mr. Zhou and Caridee are refreshingly professional, knowledgeable, and good communicators. I would definitely recommend them to others.


ACIC is a great professional firm, with wonderful services and amazing staff. They not only give me help for university applications, but also give me support through my university life.


Services at ACIC are excellent and staffs are very responsible and caring for the clients. Especially Mr Zhou, he helped me a lot. Very thankful! Definitely would recommend!


ACIC provided me with professional and excellent advices when I was applying for universities, enabling me to enter my dream school. This agent also has a lot of good recourses to help students with visa enquires and legal advices. A few months ago, they helped my friend solve a very difficult visa case. Also, I always check their posts on their WeChat account, as it helps me a lot with studying and living overseas. Professional agency, highly recommend.


The staffs are nice and lovely. Really helped me a lot! Love ACIC and highly recommend them!