Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Study Area

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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University of Wollongong



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Intake Time

March, July

Standard Duration

3 Years

About the Course

The Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics provides rigorous training in three interconnected areas that shape the world around us. You will learn to understand the complex interactions between economic and political factors that affect policy and decision-making in contexts ranging from local communities to international organisations. You will develop skills in political understanding, critical thinking, and economic analysis that are essential for careers in politics and government, entrepreneurship, international development, public service, and many other areas. What you will study The program of study includes core subjects in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, plus a Major study focusing on a more extensive set of subjects within one of those three areas. Through the study of Politics, you will learn the foundations of political theory, the impact of public policy, and the structure and history of politics in Australia. You will learn how political considerations affect international relations and the specific problems that arise in the politics of developing countries. You will also study the role of culture and media in politics, allowing you to situate your understanding in a broader social context. Studying Philosophy will develop your skills in critical thinking and logical analysis. You will learn how distinct ways of understanding concepts such as justice, fairness, and human rights depend on different assumptions regarding knowledge, ethics, and the nature of mind and the self. You will also learn how fundamental philosophical problems relate to serious practical issues in areas such as mental health, bioethics and climate change. Economics includes three components: macroeconomics, microeconomics, and quantitative methods. Through these, you will learn to interpret complex economic ideas and assess economic factors that arise in a wide variety of contexts. You will acquire formal skills that are essential in business and financial modelling, and you will study economic history, ensuring that your skills are informed by a broader context. Finally, a Capstone subject integrates key components from all three disciplines into a coherent package, allowing you to apply your understanding of complex problems to real world scenarios.


Average Score


6.5 overall and individual band scores of 6.0

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University of Wollongong

Institute Ranking

"#196 in QS World University Rankings 2021, #10 in Australia"

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