From July 1, 2024, Australia’s 485 Graduate Work Visa will see a series of major changes


Major changes in the New Deal

  • The length of the visa for a taught master’s or bachelor’s degree is reduced to 2 years.
  • Some applicants over the age of 35 are no longer eligible for the 485 visa.
  • Elimination of replacement visas and the policy of applying for an additional 2 years for specific academic qualifications.
  • HK Stream and remote graduates are not affected.

Specific age limits

  • Courses up to undergraduate level: 35
  • Bachelor’s + Taught Master’s: 35
  • Research Masters + PhD: 50
  • Hong Kong passport preferences: 50 years old

485 Visa Duration Adjustment

  • Undergraduate + Taught Masters: 2 years
  • Research Masters + PhD: 3 years
  • Indian Passport Preferences: Undergraduate STEM Programs – 3 years, All Masters – 3 years, PhD – 4 years
  • Hong Kong passport privileges: 5 years

Elimination of Extended Visa for Specialized Professions

  • Extended visas in nursing, education, computers, and engineering are canceled.
  • For international students who are about to graduate, it is recommended that they submit their applications before July 1 to take advantage of the old policy.

GC GD Graduate Visa

  • Undergraduate + GC or GD; Master + GC or GD Graduates can apply for a new Graduate Work Visa if they have completed 2 years of study.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about applying for a 485 work visa under the new policy or need further details. We will provide you with the most up-to-date interpretation of the policy and application guidance to ensure that you go through the visa application process smoothly.