Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Study Area

Health,Medicine and Pharmacy

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RMIT University



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Intake Time

February & July

Standard Duration

3 Years

About the Course

In this flexible degree, you'll develop a broad understanding of human anatomy, physiology and pathology from cellular to systems level. Biomedical science forms the basis of our understanding of how human and animal bodies function, and the responses of the body to various diseases, exercise, diet, internal disturbances and environmental influences. It is a broad area of science that is all about understanding the human body and how it interacts with disease - how it occurs, what happens and how we can control, cure and prevent it. Biomedical sciences involve an understanding of anatomy and human physiology as well as biochemistry. In addition to a fundamental understanding of biomedical sciences you’ll have the opportunity to select specialist electives in your final year. You will also gain an understanding of the research process and experience with the modern technologies used in biomedical research. The degree is an ideal preparation for graduate entry into health sciences degrees such as medicine, physiotherapy, and dentistry, allowing you to meet all necessary prerequisites. There are opportunities within the degree for study abroad or to obtain international experience. Specialisations and electives You'll be able to choose electives to suit your interests. In year two, depending on your area of specialisation, you may choose electives in microbiology or histology. In year three, you have a choice of studying molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, advanced physiology, pathology or microbiology.


Average Score


6.5 (6.0)

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RMIT University

Institute Ranking

#223 in QS World University Rankings 2021, #15 in Australia

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